lectrosensitivity  ( historically referred to as "microwave disease" ) has been a “physical impairment” in Sweden since 2002 and is a recognized functional disability ( triggered by the environment ). The Swedish perspective offers people with this impairment maximum legal protection . Protective measures are paid for by the state. Electro-sensitive people therefore not only have a right to support, but also a right to an electrosmog-free workplace ( any retrofitting is financed by the employer ).

In addition, municipalities make apartments available in unpolluted areas. These also have priority tenancy law in areas with a low level of radiation. Hospitals also offer radiation-free treatment rooms for those affected. In many countries, precautionary measures against radiation exposure are also taken to protect children ( France, Belgium, Austria, Malta ).

Recognition of electromagnetic sensitivity as a disability according to the ADA

“The Committee Recognizes that multiple chemical and electromagnetic sensitivities may be considered disabilities under the ADA if they affect a person's neurological, respiratory, or other functions to the point where they severely impair one or more of the person's key activities in life." those suffering from EHS have a functional disability because they are handicapped by artificial electrical poisons in the environment. Negative symptoms of these environmental toxins prevent many EHS sufferers from gaining access to public housing areas.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law that protects against discrimination on the basis of disability. In contrast to the Civil Rights Act, the ADA also stipulates that insured employers must provide employees with disabilities with reasonable accommodation, and stipulates accessibility requirements for public accommodation.

  • There is a protective building in Zurich for EHS and MCS sufferers ( WLAN / cell phone use is prohibited )
  • Numerous initiatives and proclamations by local and regional authorities in the USA and Canada are urging recognition of the environmental disease
  • WiFi was phased out in 4 Parisian libraries after more than 40 employees began to suffer from health problems ( headaches and dizziness, visual disturbances and insomnia ). The authorities only switched the networks off again under pressure from the Supap union

Desperate search for a white zone

More and more people experience symptoms when they live in the presence of cell phones, radio masts, WiFi or even electrical currents in the household. To protect themselves, they have to shield themselves, move or worse, leave their families and stop working. This phenomenon did not exist 20 years ago; today it is worldwide. What this investigation shows is that the serious symptoms describedStrangely similar to the symptoms experienced by professional radar operators, “microwave syndrome”. These are very similar technologies, and the harmful side effects have been documented for 50 years. For reasons that are not yet fully understood, men, women and even children develop an intolerance to artificial electromagnetic fields, which are transmitted on a large scale in today's environment. DVD


  • In 2009, the European Parliament called on the Member States to “follow Sweden's example and recognize people suffering from hypersensitivity as disabled in order to offer them adequate protection and equal opportunities.”
  • In 2011, the Council of Europe called for: “Pay special attention to electrosensitive persons suffering from a syndrome of intolerance to electromagnetic fields in order to protect these persons, including the establishment of radiation-free areas that are not covered by the wireless network.” Resolution 1815 / German translation
  • The Environment Committee of the Council of Europe is very specific due to health risks, it would “ban all cell phones, DECT telephones, WLAN or WLAN systems in schools and in classrooms”. The mobile communications industry speaks out against it in the document. futurezone.at
  • The Committee for Education, Research and Technology Assessment reports to the Bundestag .
    In the Bundestag printed paper 2003 ( bundestag.de ) it says on page 27 on mobile phone radiation: “79% of the studies on human subjects produced positive results. Most of the effects affect the nervous system or the brain (86%), followed by effects related to cancer (64%). ”This means that effects were detectable in 79% of the test subjects. on p. 24: “Of particular interest here is a publication on cattle ( Löscher / Käs 1998 ), in which significantly reduced milk yields, emaciation and spontaneous miscarriages and stillbirths were documented.”


Electrosensitivity is recognized several times in court

  • In 2015 , a court in France recognized electrosensitivity as a severe disability and spoke to Marine Richard , a 39-year-old. Journalist giving financial aid to
  • A court in 2019 recognized a research technician's electromagnetic wave intolerance as a work-related illness
  • The Madrid Supreme Court recognized the permanent incapacity for work of a telecommunications engineer due to electrosensitivity in 2016
  • French court orders the removal of Linky electricity meters ( smart meters ) on medical grounds after homeowners complained about complaints
  • In Italy , a man who had suffered cell phone damage ( brain tumor ) was granted a lifelong pension


World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization classifies cell phone radiation as ” possibly carcinogenic “. This means class 2B of carcinogens and therefore falls under the same categorization as lead, DDT, pesticides and chloroform. The WHO also creates the international classification system for medical diagnoses ( ICD-10 code ). Electrosensitivity has the code Z58 in the WHO ICD catalog and can therefore be diagnosed by a statutory health insurance doctor .Up

The microwave syndrome (1932)

Scientific knowledge about the effects of radio frequency waves (as now applied in cellular technology) has been around for over eight decades. As early as 1932, Prof. Dr. Schliephake describes the "microwave syndrome." A decisive basic factor for the effect of mobile radio frequencies on living organisms is the fact that the technical mobile radio frequencies lie precisely in the frequency ranges in which natural life is organized via electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic waves and via the cells and communicate biological control loops with one another.


On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Telecommunications, Prof. Karl Hecht evaluated 878 Russian-language studies. Result: clearly harmful effects of long-term exposure to microwaves. Since then, there have been numerous scientific studies around the world that have repeatedly confirmed the findings and provided new evidence. bund-naturschutz.de

Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht- Electrosensitivity is not my imagination- 5G and WLAN are harmful to your health!
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